How to Watch NFL Games: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

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How to Watch NFL Games


Discover how to watch NFL games with ease! Our comprehensive guide covers streaming options, TV broadcasts, mobile apps, and expert tips for the ultimate football viewing experience. Don’t miss a touchdown; read now!

Are you an avid football fan eager to catch all the action in the NFL? With the digital age upon us, there are now more ways than ever to watch NFL games. Whether you prefer to watch on your TV, stream online, or even follow the games on your mobile device, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the various options available to make sure you never miss a touchdown. In this article, we will explore how to watch NFL games, including streaming services, TV channels, and tips for a seamless viewing experience.

1. Traditional TV Broadcast

One of the most traditional and widely-used methods of watching NFL games is through television broadcasts. Major networks like CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN have broadcasting rights for NFL games. Here’s how you can watch NFL games on TV:

  • Cable or Satellite TV: Subscribe to a cable or satellite TV provider that offers these channels in your area. Make sure your package includes the networks broadcasting NFL games.
  • Antenna: If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can use an over-the-air antenna to receive local channels. This works well for games broadcast on CBS, FOX, and NBC, which often air Sunday afternoon games.

2. Streaming Services

In the digital age, streaming NFL games has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and flexibility. Several streaming services offer access to NFL games. Some popular options include:

  • NFL Game Pass: NFL Game Pass is the official streaming service of the NFL. While it offers a wide range of features, including live out-of-market preseason games and on-demand access to past games, it does not provide live regular-season games. However, it can be a valuable resource for die-hard fans looking to rewatch games or analyze plays.
  • Sling TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and FuboTV: These streaming platforms offer live TV packages that include channels broadcasting NFL games. Be sure to check their channel lineups and availability in your area.

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3. NFL Game Pass

As mentioned earlier, NFL Game Pass is a valuable resource for NFL fans. While it doesn’t provide live regular-season games, it offers the following benefits:

  • On-Demand Access: You can watch full game replays shortly after they conclude. This is perfect for fans who can’t watch games live due to work or other commitments.
  • Condensed Games: NFL Game Pass provides condensed versions of games that cut out downtime and commercials, allowing you to watch a game in around 45 minutes.
  • Coaches Film: For football aficionados, NFL Game Pass offers access to the “All-22” coaches film, allowing you to see the game from different angles and analyze plays in-depth.

4. Mobile Apps

For fans on the go, mobile apps are a fantastic way to stay connected with NFL games. Here are a few apps you should consider:

  • NFL App: The NFL’s official app offers live game streaming for certain games. You can also access news, highlights, and other exclusive content.
  • Yahoo Sports: Yahoo Sports offers free live streaming of NFL games on mobile devices. This is a great option for fans who want to catch a game while away from home.
  • ESPN App: If you have a cable or streaming subscription that includes ESPN, you can use the ESPN app to stream Monday Night Football games.

5. Tips for an Optimal Viewing Experience

Now that you know where and how to watch NFL games, here are some tips for an optimal viewing experience:

  • High-Speed Internet: Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection, especially if you’re streaming games online.
  • HD Display: Watch games on a high-definition display to enjoy the crisp details and vibrant colors.
  • Sound Quality: If possible, use external speakers or headphones for better sound quality.
  • Check Local Blackout Rules: Be aware of local blackout rules that may restrict access to certain games. In such cases, consider using a VPN to bypass restrictions.
  • Game Time: Check the game schedule and plan accordingly to avoid missing kickoff.

6. NFL Sunday Ticket

Another fantastic option for NFL fans, especially if you’re an out-of-market viewer, is the NFL Sunday Ticket. This service is offered by DirecTV and provides access to every NFL game, regardless of where you live. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Out-of-Market Viewing: If you’re a die-hard fan of a team that’s not in your local area, NFL Sunday Ticket is a game-changer. It allows you to watch all the games involving your favorite team, even if they’re not being broadcast locally.
  • Red Zone Channel: NFL Sunday Ticket also includes the popular Red Zone Channel. This channel provides live coverage of all the games’ key moments, such as touchdowns and big plays, without the need to switch between multiple games.
  • Streaming Options: In recent years, NFL Sunday Ticket has expanded its streaming options, making it accessible to those who don’t have a DirecTV subscription. You can now subscribe to the streaming-only version of NFL Sunday Ticket and watch games on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

7. International Game Pass

For NFL fans outside of the United States, the NFL offers an International Game Pass. This service allows fans from around the world to access live and on-demand NFL games. Here are the key features:

  • Live Games: International Game Pass provides live streaming of all NFL games, including preseason, regular season, and playoffs. This is a great option for fans living abroad who want to catch games in real-time.
  • NFL RedZone: Similar to the NFL Sunday Ticket, the International Game Pass includes the RedZone channel, providing coverage of all the key moments from various games.
  • Game Archive: If you can’t watch a game live due to time zone differences, don’t worry. The Game Pass offers on-demand access to full game replays, allowing you to watch at your convenience.

8. Fantasy Football Integration

Many NFL fans are also avid fantasy football players. To enhance your fantasy football experience, consider services like ESPN Fantasy Football and Yahoo Fantasy Football. These platforms often offer features that allow you to track your fantasy players while watching games. You can receive real-time updates, statistics, and even watch highlights related to your fantasy team.

9. Social Media and Highlights

In addition to the various streaming services and apps, social media platforms have become hubs for NFL highlights and discussions. Follow the official NFL accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get quick updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content.

Moreover, YouTube is a treasure trove of NFL content, including game highlights, analysis, and historical moments. Many dedicated NFL channels curate and upload game clips, making it easy to catch up on the action even if you missed a live game.

10. In-Stadium Experience

If you’re lucky enough to attend NFL games in person, make the most of your in-stadium experience. Many stadiums now offer Wi-Fi access, so you can stay connected and share your game-day excitement on social media. Additionally, some teams have mobile apps that provide exclusive content, including replays and live camera angles, enhancing your stadium visit.


As technology continues to advance, the options for watching NFL games are more diverse and accessible than ever. Whether you prefer traditional TV broadcasts, streaming services, or mobile apps, there’s a method to fit your needs and preferences. Consider your location, budget, and the level of access you desire when choosing your preferred method for watching NFL games. With the right setup and a bit of planning, you can enjoy an immersive NFL experience all season. So, grab your jersey, prepare the snacks, and get ready for some football!


How can I watch NFL games on TV?

Subscribe to a cable or satellite TV provider with CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN.

Which streaming services offer NFL games?

Options include Sling TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and FuboTV.

Does NFL Game Pass offer live games?

No, it provides on-demand replays, condensed games, and coaches film.

How can I access the NFL Sunday Ticket?

Subscribe to DirecTV or the streaming-only version for out-of-market games.

What about international viewers?

Use the International Game Pass for live and on-demand access.

Can I enhance my fantasy football experience?

Use ESPN Fantasy Football or Yahoo Fantasy Football for real-time updates.

Where can I find NFL highlights on social media?

Follow NFL accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

How can I improve the in-stadium experience?

Check for stadium Wi-Fi and team apps for exclusive content.

How can I ensure smooth streaming?

Maintain a fast internet connection, use HD displays and headphones, and be aware of blackout rules.

Where can I find NFL game replays on YouTube?

Search for dedicated NFL channels on YouTube for game clips and analysis.

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