How To Write Mam Parichay In sanskrit ( With Template )

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How To Write Mam Parichay In sanskrit


If you want to write an introduction (Mam Parichay) in Sanskrit in English letters, you can use the following template:

आत्मपरिचयः (Introduction)

नामानि (Name): [Your Name]

गोत्रः (Gotra): [Your Gotra]

आश्रमः (Stage of Life): [Student/Working/Other]

विद्या (Education): [Your Educational Background]

जन्मस्थानम् (Place of Birth): [Place of Birth]

राष्ट्रम् (Nationality): [Your Nationality]

भाषाः (Languages known): [Languages you know]

धर्मः (Religion): [Your Religion]

अहम् स्वस्तिकायाः आस्ते (I belong to the Swastika)

अहम् [Your Interests/Hobbies] अस्मि (I am interested in [Your Interests/Hobbies])

इति मम परिचयः (Thus is my introduction)

Replace the placeholders in square brackets with your specific details. If you have any additional information you want to include, feel free to modify the template accordingly.

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